5 Benefits of Contract Staffing

Contract Staffing benefits

When a full-time hire simply doesn’t make sense, your business may start looking into alternatives. Do you trust an independent contractor? Hire a temp worker? Neither of these solutions may offer the skilled labor needed to fulfill daily demands for weeks or months at a time. Contract staffing, on the other hand, offers the same flexibility as another time-limited solution while providing several additional benefits. Here are some of the main reasons companies invest in contract staffing services for recruitment for temporary assignments:

  1. Contract staffing is cost-effective. When companies opt to work with these contractors, they eliminate many payroll and all benefits expenses, rework project budgets to accommodate the temporary hire, and reduce or eliminate many administrative expenses associated with in-house recruiting and other hiring activities. Furthermore, many contractors only receive pay for the time they work. If they don’t come in, the client isn’t responsible for paid time off.
  2. Recruiters can provide qualified talent. Contract staffing provides companies with skilled labor in many fields. Instead of training an inexperienced worker, the client company gains access to the right candidate for the job at hand. The recruitment firm takes care of all the talent sourcing, background checks, and preliminary interviewing activities to deliver highly qualified workers.
  3. Arrangements are flexible. Contractors are available for times you really need an extra hand around the office, on the job site, or on the sales floor. During crunch times, when full-time employees need to take time off and during hiring freezes, contract staffers give companies the ability to keep moving full steam ahead for several weeks or months at a time.
  4. Contract staffing lowers business liability. Part-time and full-time hiring puts a significant amount of liability on the shoulders of the employer. While employers are still responsible for reasonable safety and security, they can reduce liabilities associated with regular permanent employees including workers’ compensation and unemployment benefits.
  5. You can get started whenever you’re ready. Many recruiting agencies have a relatively short turnaround time for hiring qualified contract staffers, giving client companies access to almost immediate workforce solutions.

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